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Lough Derg

Lakeview Holidays family holiday Lough Derg

Lakeview Holidays family holiday Lough Derg


The wet meadows and the wide variety of soil types around Lough Derg give rise to several rare kinds of flora. ‘Blue-Eyed Grass’ (Sisyrinchium bermudiana) is one Such example Its pale blue flowers in July provide a beautiful contrast to its green grass like leaves. Its only other native location is North America.  The first sighting of the ‘Blue Eyed Grass’ in Ireland was on the outskirts of Woodford by Reverend James Lynam in 1845.  It now thrives on the banks of the Woodford River.

Irish Fleabane (Inula salicina) or willow-leaved inula, was first discovered in Ireland by David Morse at the lakeshore near Woodford in 1843.  It has not been noted anywhere else in Britain or Ireland, being commonly native of Asia and continental Europe for portumna self catering.  Flowering in August/September, it is a yellow flower similar to the sunflower.  It stem reaches a maximum height of 60cm.  This flower favours the rocky limestone shores and islands of Lough Derg.


Lakeview Holidays family holiday Lough Derg


Rosturra Wood and Derrycrag Wood boast a couple of unusual species of trees, for their relatively small region of forest – hard fern/sessile oak (Blechno-Quercetum), and the hazel/ash (Corylo-Fraximetum).  Other rare plants in the area include wood small-reed (Calamagrostis epigejos) at Lough Atorick and the white helleborine flower (Cephalan-thera ensifolis) in Derryvunlam Wood.  Northern and southern sides of Lough Derg support a diversity of contrasting flora, shrubs and trees resulting from the two very different soils and limestone/sandstone shores.

Animal life too abounds in the area.  Seldom seen elsewhere in Ireland, the elusive pine-marten (cat crainn) has been spotted in the woods around Woodford.  Until recently, this tree dwelling mammal was dangerously close to extinction.  Within the area there are fallow deer, pygmy shrews, foxes, badgers, red squirrels and otters, to name some of the few wild animals.  Many birds including the mute swan and cormorant make the Lough Derg area their home.  In the bogs and on the mountains kestrels, merlins, pheasants, hen harriers, grouse and black grouse may be seen.  The rare cream coloured thrush has also been sighted locally.

The Lough Derg area is undoubtedly a nature lover’s paradise all are satisfied with lough derg self catering service.


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